Children reading together outside

Magnolia believes that learning takes place best in small groups, with tailored curriculum that suits the individual needs of students.  Play is the work of childhood. Warm home and outdoor environments protect children’s sense of wonder and imagination and enriches their learning potential.

What are learning pods?

Learning pods are small groups of children close in age, receiving their education through a network of home based learning.

  • Students attend school in an educators home (community home school)
  • Educator delivers teaching in the home of a student.

What are the benefits?

  • Small class sizes
  • More one to one educational opportunities
  • Outdoor enriched experiences
  • Greater student / teacher connection

Pod Educators

Each learning pod operates in the same vision as Magnolia. 

While enrollment at the original Magnolia is limited to meet this vision, we have networked with like-minded home school educators throughout the city, to build community support for alternatives to traditional education.

The community of learning pods are facilitated by a diverse range of specially qualified educators with experience delivering traditional curriculum in the public and private education system.

  • Professional Teachers (Ages 4-14)
  • Educational Assistants (Special Needs)
  • Early Childhood Educators (Ages 4-7)

Are you interested in this type of learning opportunity for your child?  Contact Magnolia today.

We are also seeking educators interested in becoming a member of our home school network – reach out to Magnolia today.