Our Blossoms - What We Do Differently

When the children are exploring the nature at Magnolia, they are outside for over two hours every day, in all weather. We let the children be children.  We let them explore in the puddles and climb the trees.  Our children are inspired to play with objects that will enhance their imagination such as sticks, dirt, and water.  A stick can be anything!   Every day we go for a walk to the park and/or forest located directed behind the academy.  We plant gardens in the spring, and tend to them throughout the rest of our year.  When the children return in the fall, we harvest our vegetables that are ready; nothing tastes better than fresh fruit or vegetables that you grew, from your garden. 

When the children are inside, they can be seen playing with natural toys, helping prepare the next day’s snack or helping with jobs around the class.  This fosters responsibility, and self-reliance. Social and life skills are a focus in our curriculum, more than academics, as these are the foundation to a healthy life.  Once the child is ready, we slowly introduce academics, following the child’s lead.  All concepts are taught through play and are child-led.  At Magnolia, we value your child’s mental health and wellbeing.  You can see this through the multiple aspects integrated into our every day, such as rest time, time in nature, no electronics, our support pet, our student teacher connection, just to name a few.  At Magnolia, we also have a communal snack every day that the teacher lovingly prepares, and we all share together around the table.  We also sing a gratitude song together to say things we are thankful for.  That is a little sneak peak in to our magical day.