The healthiest preschool / kindergarten program in London, Ontario.  We plant the love of learning in your child.

Our vision

Magnolia Academy is an affordable, alternative kindergarten program nestled on a quiet crescent in London, Ontario. We believe that learning takes place best in small groups, therefore we keep our enrollment low.  This allows us to tailor our curriculum to the individual needs of our students.  We believe that play is the work of childhood. Our warm, home environment protects the child’s sense of wonder and imagination and enriches their learning potential.

Family and Community Involvment

We encourage our family members to be an active part in our school community, as well as our monthly class enrichment outings.

A Healthy and Enriching Environment

Our homeschool has many outstanding features that aids in creating a healthy and enriching environment for our children such as low class numbers, rest time, healthy snacks provided daily, and over two hours a day spent outside in all weather.

Education focused on the Mind, Body and Soul of the child

Magnolia Academy offers education focused on mental health, active time outside, no electronics, social skills and as they begin their transition to join grade one, they will begin their academic learning.

A Little Glimpse

Play Video


  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Crafting
  • Baking & Cooking Together
  • Daily walks to the park, forest, climbers and splash-pad in the hot months
  • Outdoor play in all weather
  • Gardening
  • Monthly class and family enrichment exploration with our loved ones
  • Circle time with songs, rhymes, finger plays and movement
  • Story telling with and without puppets
  • Reading books together
  • Academic learning
  • Indoor recreation with materials that enhance imagination such as blocks, sea shells, pine cones and rocks.  Having open ended toys helps develop problem solving and openness to new ideas in the future.

Devin Walsh


A Fanshawe College Alumni, Devin is a graduate of the Child and Youth Work program.  Following graduation, Devin began her career working in the private sector at a children’s group home and Vanier Children Services.  After several years, Devin brought her experience into the public sector, and worked 12 years as an educational assistant for the Thames Valley District School Board.   With a passion for education, Devin expanded her knowledge while working for 2 years with the London Waldorf School.

Throughout her career, Devin has continued advancing her own education.  Recent workshops include: “Student Anxiety in the Classroom”, “Tried Tested and True – Tools for Supporting Tough Situations in the Classroom”, and “Laying the Foundation for Children to Become Confident Resilient Free-thinking Adults”.  Devin has also recently attended Mary Willow’s intensive seminar series on “Gentle Parenting”.

Devin carries her passion for educating children into the classroom each and every day.