Our Roots

Magnolia Academy was founded in 2019, by Devin Walsh.   She has spent 12 years working in the public-school system and two years working in the private school system and wanted more.  More for herself and more for the students around her.  It was important for her that every child came to school feeling safe, loved and happy to be there.  While working in many schools, Devin found this was lost.  There were too many children, too much stress, and no love.  Devin felt the system was broken and something needed to change.  She spent much time thinking about what she could do to help the situation.  She felt the urge that now was the time to do something about it.  She wanted to make a big life transforming step to open up a school where children felt safe and excited to take on a day of exploring and learning.  Devin had a vision of a school that its single purpose was to educate the whole child mind, body and soul, and Magnolia Academy was born.